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The most simple library to create views in your App.

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JavaScript View early beta is now open!
JavasScriptView is a small library that wants to make life easier for the mobile application developer.
This library is focused on the development of JavaScript applications using the framework Cordova / Phonegap.
JavaScriptView lets you manage different views of your mobile application. Through a simple MVC structure, you can create dynamic views in your application and manage elements in the DOM asynchronously.
Actual Features

  • Multiple Views
  • Dom Manipulation
  • Pages Animation
  • Tabs
  • Native Scrolling
  • Scroll and Modal Loading
  • Svg Spinners
  • Touch Carousel
  • Touch Advertising
  • Native Notification
  • Native Inappbrower
  • Load More
Next Features

  • Pull to Refresh
  • External dynamic queries
  • Scroll To
  • Image Zoom
  • Family Icons
An Example: View
1.- Reference the required files to your index.html
2.- Add this code in your app.js
                window.addEventListener('load', function() {
                    /*Declare views*/
                        viewA: {
                            url: '/viewA',
                            template: 'views/viewA.html',
                            controller: 'viewA'
                        viewB: {
                            url: '/viewB',
                            template: 'views/viewB.html',
                            controller: 'viewB'
                        viewC: {
                            url: '/viewC',
                            template: 'views/viewC.html',
                            controller: 'viewC'
                    /*Declare modal*/
                        modalA: {
                            url: '/modalA',
                            template: 'views/modalA.html',
                            controller: 'modalA'
                    /*Asign view start*/

                }, false);
2.- Add this code in your controllers.js
                $JSView.controller = {
                    viewA: function(e){
                    viewB: function(e){
                    viewC: function(e){
                    modalA: function(e){
3.- Add all this files and create "view" directory into "www" directory of your Cordova proyect and add your htmls templates here.
More documentation and examples coming soon.
The Team
Founder / JS Developer
JS Developer
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JavascriptView arises of a need for our team, the main idea is to create mobile applications quickly and effectively.

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